Monday, June 30, 2008

Detroit's Unique Neighborhoods

Before the current housing crisis, the City of Detroit was known as the city with the highest percentage of single-family home ownership in the nation.

We still have some of the best "housing stock" in the area; and one of the most special things about Detroit is its neighborhoods. There are over 100 unique and named neighborhoods in Detroit; and starting next week, I will highlight the things you should know about each one.

If you would like your neighborhood featured here, or if you would like me to include something fun and interesting about your neighborhood, either leave a comment, or email me.

This week, the Motor City Blight Busters is celebrating 20 years of making Detroit's neighborhoods better. As a fundraiser, a new book is being published by the group that points out the homes of famous and infamous Detroiters then and now.

Next Monday, I know you will enjoy the post about one of Detroit's beautiful Historic Districts. Stay tuned!