Monday, January 12, 2009

Detroit's Unique Neighborhoods: Conant Gardens

The Hip-hop Group "Slum Village" is from Conant Gardens

Conant Gardens, a neighborhood originally built and owned by African-Americans in Detroit, was started around 1910. It is located on the Eastside of Detroit along 7 Mile road. Of particular note is that the parcel of land was first owned by Schubael Conant, a 19-century abolitionist who removed the race-restricted covenants which prevented Blacks from owning land in Detroit well into the 1940s. Although the neighborhood was originally designed for white-collar employees of the Ford Motor Company, Conant Gardens was populated after World War I by large numbers of African-Americans who came up from the South to work in the auto plants.

Conant Gardens today is still a vibrant and busy neighborhood.

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