Friday, August 27, 2010

Eden Organic Pasta Company

Made in Michigan Series

The first food production facility in North America to be 3rd party certified organic, Eden Organic Pasta Company, is a Detroit-based company providing products such as pastas made from whole grains, wheat and much more. Eden uses traditional Italian-style equipment 
that dates back to 1923.

Need a dinner idea?

Visit Eden Organic Pasta's recipes page for a number of tasty dishes made with their pasta. 

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Fox 2 Morning Show's Made in Michigan Series is designed to promote and sell products and businesses that are Made in Michigan. CONTACT FOX 2

Thursday, August 26, 2010

American Indian Movement of Michigan, First Nations Flotilla


Native Americans are getting their back to their roots on Friday, August 27, 2010 with a Detroit River Canoe Crossing to enforce the 1974 Jay Treaty Rights led by the American Indian Movement of Michigan. 200 canoes will journey across Detroit's, Belle Isle Island/Park to Windsor, Ontario, and back.

The goal of AIM of Michigan is to further the rights of the original people of the America's, to promote cultural understanding, to aid in human rights causes, to promote respect and understanding of humanity, the earth and all creatures.

Although often confused with the new group in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Detroit group is supported by Half Wolf Merchandise, whose artists are all of Native descent, and the proceeds of all sales inherently support the native community. The AIM of Michigan office is located on East Boston Blvd. in Detroit, Michigan.

NOTE: "The "Jay Treaty" was ratified by Congress in 1797. John Jay negotiated this treaty with Great Britain. Under Jay's Treaty, the British agreed to leave areas in the Northwest Territory which they had been required to return earlier, under the Treaty of Paris. This treaty did not, however, oblige the British to observe American neutral rights."
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Contact AIM of MI for more information...
Facebook | American Indian Movement of Michigan -Click Here to Connect
Chairman | Bryan Douglas Halfday, Email:

MORE AIM Of Michigan NEWS 
  • AIM of MI. led the USSF Conference Walk in Detroit. The River Crossing will be a kick off for the AIM of MI hosting of a Pow Wow in Lincoln Park, MI. August 27-29, 2010.
  • April 14-21, 2011 we are hosting a Pow Wow on a Cruise Ship to Bermuda. Dennis Banks will be having a birthday celebration aboard the cruise.

News Source(s): Craig Fraley Show LISTEN [MP3] & News

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Inside Detroit's Virtual Welcome Center


Inside Detroit, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote Detroit as a preferred destination to live, work and play by educating the public about Detroit’s history, culture, community and livability, now offers residents and tourists helpful information on the Motor City.

From shopping to improving your health visit the VIRTUAL WELCOME CENTER for tips, information, group and public tours and more! Why Detroit, you ask? Click here to find out!

PHOTO COURTESY OF INSIDE DETROIT: On the Tour by the Spirit of Detroit Statue

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MAAH presents Portrayals of Life and Landscapes: The Art of Frank Kelley, Jr.


Opening Reception for Portrayals of Life and Landscapes: The Art of Frank Kelley, Jr., an exhibition in the Contemporary Artists' Gallery, which runs from August 27th - December 12th 2010. On Friday, Aug 27,  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM an opening reception will be held in the Contemporary Artists' Gallery, where light refreshments will be served. This event is FREE and open to the public.

RSVP for this event online! 
Organized by the Contemporary Artist Program of the Charles H. Wright Museum, Portrayals of Life and Landscapes: The Art of Frank Kelley, Jr. features more than 30 of Kelley’s paintings. Kelley's art incorporates numerous styles and subjects. Primarily a regional painter, he draws upon sources from his roots in North Central Louisiana. He has earned many accolades and awards, including the Spirit of Detroit Award.

In the genre painting, “Last Pickin’” (shown right) Kelley features several African Americans working in a cotton field. He groups them in the foreground, with the implements of their trade, in close proximity to the viewer who is drawn in, for want of a closer look at the scene.


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Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

315 East Warren Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48201-1443 

Rejoice • Relive • Reconnect

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Excellent Schools Detroit releases DPS Public, Private and Charter School Report Card


The report card, "From Top to Bottom on Student Achievement," follows the rankings released this month in the Michigan Department of Education's "Top to Bottom" school list. That statewide list of public schools was based on 2006 to 2009 testing data and generated by Excellent Schools Detroit in an effort to hold local school administrators and teachers accountable for Detroit student's success.
Download a Copy Here > > >

See the grades
High schools
Middle schools
Elementary schools


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pssst...U.S. Troops Left Iraq

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By Keith A. Owens



It really doesn't matter what the man does, Obama will never get the full recognition and praise for what he has managed to do until long after he has left office. Perhaps not even until he's dead and buried. Just like all those nouveau nationalists and latter-day civil rights 'warriors' who were more than happy to wear the T-shirt of a dead hero, and maybe even spend a few bucks to see the movie and shed a tear. But good Lord don't you know they wouldn't have been caught dead with either when either was alive and so full of what it actually meant to be alive that they were both far more terrifying than they were revered. 

And that, by the way, was how their followers viewed them. Because that's how most of us (yes, I'm including myself because I'm honest) view those rare few among us who walk through paralyzing fear like most of us walk through a brisk morning rain.

So no matter how cool the brother appears, 24/7 room temperature no matter what the occasion, you've got to know Obama is well acquainted with fear by now. Maybe he could convince himself that all those death threats he got during the campaign didn't make him fear for his own life, but what about the lives of his wife and two young daughters? No husband, no father, no breathing, conscious human being could escape the grip of fear in circumstances like that.

But just like Martin, and just like Malcolm, he keeps walking through. He keeps pushing past. Because it is no longer only him that is doing the pushing. He has help; the same Help that came to the rescue of those before him. The same Help that gave them the push they needed when they swore they didn't have it in them to push a grain of sand up an anthill.

Last week, the last U.S. troops left Iraq. Obama got them out ahead of schedule. No doubt there will be all kinds of criticism about how the war isn't really over, and what about those 50,000 he left behind to assist doesn't that mean he didn't really..? No it doesn't. Read the fine print. Obama did what he said he was going to do.

Not to mention what he did by saving the auto companies. Or the miracle he pulled off by pulling the economy back from the cliff just as it was about to scream 'fuck it' and jump. Or health care reform, which I've already been notified will put $100 right back in my checking account each month beginning October 1 because it will no longer be deducted. Or what he's done straightening out the crooked credit card companies (that's going to save me money too). Or the housing ownership rescue programs he's got out there (got some experience with that as well).

Me? I'm not waiting until the polls get better and I damn sure am not waiting until he's dead. For one thing, I'll probably be dead before he will. So let me put it on record now, because I do believe in getting your props while they can still prop you up;



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The Raw Cafe': Detroit's NEW Organic Cuisine and Juice Bar

Tuesday Tidbits

4160 Woodward Ave. 
Call 1.248.790.6111 
HOURS: Mon-Thu: 7am-7pm; Fri: 7am-Sundown;  
Sat: 6pm-10pm; and Sun: 10am-4pm.

The Raw Cafe' offers organic "living" foods menu prepared from the finest raw, organic, vegn ingredients; while supporting local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products.

Founder LaKeta McCauley, certified raw chef, certified nutrionist, author and cancer survivor, first started a gourmet raw food meal delivery service in 2007 out of a desire to bring the message of food healing to other people. She has since established a physical location at 4160 Woodward Avenue corner of Willis Street in Detroit Michigan.

The restaurant, is said to have an eclectic feel and feature savory meals as well as treats such as waffle cones and ice cream. McCauley believes that eating raw, organic, and vegan food goes a long way toward optimum health. The Raw Cafe' provides the city with a wholistic approach to eating by offering delectable foods, literature, workshops and certification classes

McCauley wrote a book on raw healing, titled Taking Every “Bite” Seriously. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE RAW BOOKSTORE STORE

in Detroit's B.L.A.C. Magazine

in Natural Awakenings Magazine


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Monday, August 23, 2010



THE FOURTH ANNUAL DETROIT WOMEN OF COLOR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is looking for talented women to submit a short film for this years event in Detroit, Michigan.The film or video should be by or about women of color. 

Although the month the event usually takes place has change, the fundamentals of this phenomenal event have not. The Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival showcases inter-generational films and videos by or about African American, Continental African, Asian, Caribbean, Latina, Middle Eastern and Native American women locally and globally.

Past theme's have included but are not limited to: racial identity, sexuality, science-fiction, crime, mystery, relationships, politics, history, empowerment, healing, hip hop, cultural traditions, spirituality, love, animation, and experimental art.

Deadline is September 15, 2010

The Fourth Annual Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival requires 2 DVD formatted copies (screeners) of your film/video for film selection and jury viewing purposes.Include a synopsis of the film/video, a picture from the film, brief filmmaker bio, as well as history of the film (festivals, awards, viewings). 

Office: Detroit Women of Color, Inc

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Made in Michigan Series: For Goodness Sake

For Goodness Sake

Owner Barbara Hedgepeth, Detroit Native
Former Wayne County mental health investigator, Barbara Hedgepeth being led on a spiritual journey had an epiphany to start an all-natural gourmet foods company. With her families blessings, she created a line of delicious and nutritious treats. For Goodness Sake produces products such as vegan banana bread, vegan cookies and gourmet hummus that is available both online and at local farmers' markets.

For Goodness Sake Mission Statement:
FGS prides itself on presenting products with heart healthy, high quality ingredients, all while focusing on ensuring that taste and nutrition are never compromised in the process. Our products satisfy our consumer's desire to eat healthy while partaking in snacks that taste great and fuEl the body with both energy and nutrients beneficial to any healthy diet.
 For Goodness Sake offers affordable pricing on a variety of granola snacks and more making these edible delights a great gift idea for the health conscious and their loved ones. Visit and give your taste buds a treat, prices as low as $3.50!

Source: B.L.A.C. Magazine

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things to do Thursdays

African World Festival- Aug. 20-22

Detroit's most talked about celebration of African and African American culture is back. Hosted annually by the Charles H. Wright museum of African American History presents 2010 African world Festival. Join thousands of fellow Metro Detroiters as we welcome African Countries to the Motor City. Enjoy music, food, vendors with unique items for sell, Don't miss the legendary Omowale Cultural Society + Stiltwalkers. 

FREE. Hart Plaza, Woodward Ave. and Jefferson Ave., 313-494-5844 or 



Hot Summer Nights Music Fest- Aug. 21

Hot Summer Nights Music Festival is a showcase of the diverse culture prevalent throughout Metro Detroit and raise money for local non-profits. “Metro Detroit is a musical hot spot featuring everything from rock and roll to fusion to hip hop,” said Frazier, who is coordinating the event. “Hot Summer Nights brings all those sounds together to showcase the community.”

For more information, visit or call 313.598.0408. Sponsors for the event include Focus: HOPE, NAACP-Highland Park Branch, General Population Music & Community Group and the Detroit Hip Hop Congress.


 Health & Safety Fun Festival- Aug. 19

The Wayne County Department of Public Health's Annual Health and Safety Fun Fest will offer bicycle, book bag, and school supply giveaways for children. Vaccinations, Lead Testing and other Health Screenings such as HIV/AIDS, Blood Pressure and Immunizations will also be provided on site.

10 am. FREE. The Wayne County Department of Public Health, 33030 Van Born Rd., Wayne. 734-727-7000.


AfterSchool Back 2 School Fair- Aug. 21

This 9th annual event hosted by Detroit Public Schools and The Youth Connection will feature activities and extra-curricular courses offered students and parents for the new school year.

10 am-2 pm. Belle Isle. 313-826-7099 or

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monica Conyers Sentenced to 37 Months in Federal Prison

Monica Conyers, wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, former Detroit City Council member and former president pro tempore of the Detroit City Council, is finally heading to jail for bribery. Conyers was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison on Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn, who ordered that there is to be no further delays or appeals for a stay; she must report to prison on September 10.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Detroit, Quicken Loans!

Goodie Bags for the Quicken Loans Employees moving into the Compuware Building near Campus Martius in Detroit on August 16 2010.

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press

Quickens Loans, owned by Dan Gilbert who also owns the Cleveland Cavaliers, is moving its 1700 employees downtown throughout the remainder of August. The new offices will be located in the Compuware Building adjacent to Campus Martius. The deal and the decision to move the company was completed a few years ago before the current recession, but is going ahead as planned.

The additional employees from Quicken Loans working in the heart of downtown Detroit will be welcome as more and more companies join them in moving their employees and their company headquarters back to the City.


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Historical Product Logos

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum, based in Detroit MI, has been collecting examples of derogatory images of Black Americans used by companies to sell their products.

Here is an example from the early 1900s from the Dixie Peanut Company.

Look for the Black History 101 Mobile Museum on Facebook.

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Today in Black History: August 11

Detroit native Kim Weston singing at Wattstax in 1966; introduced by Rev. Jesse Jackson.


James Rosamond Johnson, actor and composer of "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing", was born in Jackson Florida in 1873. James Rosamond wrote the music, and his brother, James Weldon Johnson, wrote the music. This song is often referred to as the "Negro National Anthem".


The African nation of Chad gained its independence in 1960.


Alex P. haley, author of Roots and The Autobiography of Malcolm X, was born in Ithaca New York.


Author, journalist, and NAACP Springarn Medal recipient Carl T. Rowan was born in 1925.


Thurgood Marshall was confirmed by the United States Senate as U.S. Solicitor General in 1965.

African-American History Facts Calendar


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Friday, August 6, 2010

ARISE Detroit Neighborhoods Day August 7 2010

ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day is an annual showcase for Detroit and the best it has to offer all throughout the city. This year residents, block clubs and community organizations will unite once again to display their pride and commitment to the Motor City which has many jewels both nationally known and some tucked away from tourists' view.

Luther Keith, Executive Director of ARISE Detroit! also encourages everyone to celebrate the community spirit of Detroit Saturday evening at Hart Plaza when there will be special presentations in conjunction with the 15th Annual Ribs 'n' Soul Festival.

"ARISE" stands for Activating and Resources and Inspiring Service and Empowerment.

Commenting on the 2009 event, JaDonna Dingus said: “It was just community people coming together to have a good time.” Ms. Dingus is a coordinator of the event in partnership with Alan Dozier of Communities in Schools of Detroit and the Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan.

“We have started a community conversation about making the community better,” she said. “We have started to build a relationship of trust and authenticity to further engage folks.”

The 2009 event sparked initiative in many residents, volunteers and community organizations. Friends Schools distributed information concerning the Riverfront Village Project Education Collaboration of 11 lower east side schools.The Friends School event was one of more than 140 programs and activities tied to the Neighborhoods Day.

Community groups participating include Goodwill Industries of Detroit, Skillman Foundation Good Neighborhoods Initiative (which hosted events in all 6 of their "Skillman Good Neighborhoods"), Community Service Coalition, Accounting Aid Society, THAW, DTE Energy, Dearborn Village Community Credit Union, State Rep. Rashida Talib, National Community Development Institute, Henry Ford Health Systems and Covenant Community Care and Habitat for Humanity.

For more information and interactive maps, visit:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things to Do Thursday: 15th Annual Ribs 'n' Soul Festival at Hart Plaza

Bring your appetite and your dancing shoes to Hart Plaza in Detroit this weekend for the newly named Ribs 'n' Soul 'n' R 'n' B 'n' Jazz Festival. Come prepared to shop 'til you drop!

In addition to all of the great eats, many musical acts and a battle of the bands will be a part of this weekend's festival at the Detroit River landmark. Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle will be celebrating 20 years in music; and Detroit group Enchantment will provide tributes to the late Ron Banks of the Dramatics and Ollie Woodson of the Temptations.

The band battles will showcase blues, funk, jazz and gospel music. In total there will be over 100 musical performances and some of the best 'que this side of the Mississippi.

The Festival runs from 11am until late evening August 6 - 8 2010. Food, music, and shopping opportunities means a great time for all.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Redeux News: You have the power!


Your vote is your #1 right as an American citizen. It is a shame that less than 20% of registered voters in Detroit are expected to exercise their power in the August primary. You can even still vote absentee today if you contact the Detroit City Clerk's office.

Only 1 in 5 registered voters will show up? What are the other four doing that they can't take an hour or less to vote? Really, are you THAT busy? What are you teaching your children?

Your vote does matter, your voice can be heard. But only if you show up and vote. Period. The polls open at 7am and close at 8pm; polling places and poll workers are paid for by your tax dollars for you to speak your mind about who will run in the general election in November.

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