Friday, October 29, 2010

A word for Dems and Progessives from Michael Moore

Michael Moore is again telling it like it is...Dems and Progressives--no, we've barely begun the work, and we have a lot to hold the Administration accountable for...but you MUST vote Dem on Tuesday and take 10-20 people with you.


October 28th, 2010 2:05 PM

A Boot to the Head ...from Michael Moore

There she was, thrown to the pavement by a Republican in a checkered shirt. Another Republican thrusts his foot in between her legs and presses down with all his weight to pin her to the curb. Then a Republican leader comes over and viciously stomps on her head with his foot. You hear her glasses crunch under the pressure. Holding her head down with his foot, he applies more force so she can't move. Her skull and brain are now suffering a concussion.

The young woman’s name is Lauren Valle, but she is really all of us. For come this Tuesday, the right wing -- and the wealthy who back them -- plan to take their collective boot and bring it down hard on not just the head of Barack Obama but on the heads of everyone they simply don't like.

Teachers union? The boot!

Muslim-looking people? The boot!

Thinking of retiring soon? The boot!

Living in a house you can no longer afford? The boot!

Doing a bit better with your minimum wage? The boot!

Stem cell research, the bullet train, reversing global warming? Ha! The boot for all of you!

What? You like your kids being covered by your health plan ‘til they're 26? The boot for them and the boot for you!

In love with someone of your own gender? A double boot up the ass for every single one of you sick SOBs!

Hoping there's a few jobs left here in the U.S. when you graduate? How 'bout just a nice boot to your head instead?

And most importantly, the last boot is saved for the black man who probably wasn't born here, definitely isn't a Christian and possibly might be the Antichrist sent here to oversee the destruction of our very way of life. A boot to your head, Obama-devil!

Yes, one big boot is poised to stomp out whatever hopey-changey thing we might have had two years ago and secure this country in the hands of the oligarchs and the culture police.

And if they win on Tuesday, they plan to show no mercy. They will not speak of bipartisanship or olive branches or tolerate any filibuster threats. They will come in and do the job with a mandate they'll perceive the electorate will have given them. They will not fart around for two years like the Democrats did. They will not "search for compromise" or "find middle ground." They will not meet you halfway on the playing field. They know that touchdowns aren't scored at the 50-yard line. Unlike our guys, they're not stupid or spineless.

Make no mistake about it, my friends. A perfect storm has gathered of racists, homophobes, corporatists and born agains and they are on fire. Two years of a black man who secretly holds socialist beliefs being the boss of them is more than they can stomach. They've been sick to death since the night of 11/04/08 and they are ready to purge. They won't need a rope and tree this time to effect the change they seek (why bother when a nice shoe on another's skull will do just fine, thank you).

They simply need to get their base to the polls (done), convince enough people Obama is responsible for the fact they don't have a job or a secure home (done), and then hope enough of us Obama-voters are so frustrated, disappointed and downright mad at the Dems (done) that we'll either stay home Tuesday or, if we vote, we won't be carpooling with 10 others to the polls.

Done? Or not?

These Republicans mean business. Their boots are all shined and ready. But they've got one huge problem:

The majority of Americans don't agree with them.

The majority want the troops home. The majority want true universal health coverage. The majority want the thievery on Wall Street to be stopped. The majority believe that global warming is happening, that social securityshouldn't be privatized and that unions are a good thing.

Too bad the majority party has done precious little to bring about the change for which the majority voted. Yes, change takes time. But try telling that to someone who hasn't worked in two years. Or who hears the knock of the foreclosure sheriff at the door. The booted-up minority knows how to make hay in a situation like this. All they need is us, the disappointed, dismayed, disgusted us.

What say you? Stay home and punish the weak-kneed, sell-out Democrats? Or spend every free moment you have between now and Tuesday trying to protect what little progress has been made so we can live to fight another day (even if it is with “allies” like a Democratic Party that will more than likely still not get the message of what they need to do -- and has, in fact, spent much of the past two years giving progressives the boot)? Perhaps our job, post-election, is to provide a gentle but swift boot in the bee-hind of the party whose mascot is an ass.

Right now, we've got 112 hours. Seems like enough.

Michael Moore

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Rachel Finds Nevada Gun-shop Owner Turned Off by Angle's Racist Ads!

Dr. Rachel Maddow was in Nevada this week filming about the Senate Race for her show (9pm ET on MSNBC). She interviewed one white gun shop owner who was going to vote for Sharron Angle "just because" of Angle's *2nd Amendment Remedies*. But, surprise of surprises, Rachel also found another white gun-shop owner who CHANGED his vote to Senator Harry Reid BECAUSE of Angle's racism. The owner says: "This country belongs to EVERYONE, not just one race!" Amen!

<p>Untitled from The Rachel Maddow Show on Vimeo.</p>

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Special "Countdown" Comment by Keith Olbermann

On Wednesday October 27 2010, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, showed everyone why it is imperative that we keep as many of the Teabaggers OUT OF the United States government as possible. Here is the video of his "Countdown" special comment:





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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits: The White House Small Business Act HELPS Small Biz




President Barack Obama and the Democratic House of Representatives and Senate passed several important pieces of legislation since January 2009 to help small businesses. (The majority of Republican Congresspeople voted against every law to help small businesses and told those who hire the majority of Americans: "Hell No"!)


I just thought you should know the facts before next week's election...




FACT SHEET: How Small Businesses Can Benefit From the Small Business Jobs Act

President Obama to visit Rhode Island Monday, highlight small business investments


WASHINGTON -- On Monday, President Obama will tour and make remarks at American Cord &amp; Webbing Co. Inc, a small business in Woonsocket, RI.  American Cord &amp; Webbing is a manufacturer that makes cords, buckles and plastic and metal hardware for sporting goods, outdoor goods, and travel gear.

Though American Cord &amp; Webbing was hit by the economic downturn and forced to lay off some workers in 2009, they invested in new product development to pursue new customers and over the course of the past year they have brought all of their former laid-off employees back.  American Cord and Webbing currently has 47 employees and plans on hiring more.  And last month, the company was approved for an SBA loan that will help the company expand its Woonsocket facility, going from 30,000 sq. ft. to 43,000 sq. ft. by next spring.  

At the event on Monday, the President will discuss American Cord &amp; Webbing’s success story, and highlight how businesses like this one can benefit from the Small Business Jobs Act that the President fought to pass and signed in September.  Below is a list of specific ways that businesses like American Cord &amp; Webbing can benefit.

How Small Businesses Like American Cord &amp; Webbing Benefit from Administration Tax Cuts and Lending Initiatives

·        American Cord &amp; Webbing Is Saving More than $9,000 from SBA Loan Provisions: Thanks to fee waivers extended by the Small Business Jobs Act, American Cord &amp; Webbing was able to get approved for a SBA 504 loan and save over $9,000 in fees. The Small Business Jobs Act allows small businesses across the country to take advantage of an extension of Recovery loan provisions that increase 7(a) guarantees and temporarily eliminate certain fees on 7(a) and 504 loans. Already, SBA has approved over 3,600 Jobs Act loans representing $1.4 billion.

·        Small Businesses Like American Cord &amp; Webbing Can Benefit from Eight New Small Business Tax Cuts Signed Into Law Just Last Month: The President signed into law a Small Business Jobs Act in September that included eight new small business tax cuts, all of which apply this year. These are on top of eight earlier small business tax cuts signed by the President, and will provide or accelerate $55 billion in tax relief through the end of 2011. For example:

o   Small businesses that invest in new capital and equipment can immediately write off more of these expenses.The new law increases the amount of new investments in capital and equipment small businesses can immediately expense to $500,000, while raising the level at which the write-off phases out to $2 million. This provision means 4.5 million small businesses and individuals will be able to make new investments and earn a larger break on their taxes for this year.

·        American Cord &amp; Webbing has indicated its intention to invest in new machinery and equipment. If it does so, it could become one of millions of small businesses and individuals that will benefit from this new tax cut.


o   Small business owners can deduct health insurance costs from their self-employment taxes: The new law allows self-employed small business owners to deduct the cost of health insurance for themselves and their families from their self-employment taxes this year – a tax cut that could benefit 2 million self-employed.

·        As a self-employed small business owner, Mark Krauss of American Cord &amp; Webbing may be eligible for this deduction that will cut his self-employment taxes.

o   Small businesses can deduct the use of cell phones without burdensome extra documentation: The new law changes tax rules so that small businesses like American Cord &amp; Webbing can receive a tax deduction for company-provided cell phones without burdensome extra documentation, making it easier for them to get deductions that they are entitled to, beginning on their taxes for this year.

o   Small businesses can benefit from other provisions that support them as they expand and create jobs: Small businesses can also benefit from other tax cuts like the elimination of capital gains taxes on key small business investments, the extension of bonus depreciation rules that allow businesses of all sizes to accelerate the rate at which they can deduct new investments,  an increased deduction for start-up expenses, a “carryback” provision for general business credits, and limits on tax penalties that can disproportionately affect small businesses.

·        Small Businesses Like American Cord &amp; Webbing Are Eligible for New Tax Credits for Hiring Unemployed Workers: As a result of the HIRE Act, small businesses like American Cord &amp; Webbing that hire unemployed workers can get tax exemptions and credits.  From February to August, businesses across the country hired 8.1 million new workers who had been unemployed for 60 days or longer, making them eligible for HIRE Act tax incentives.

·        Small Businesses Like American Cord &amp; Webbing Can Now Take Out for Larger SBA Loans: Small businesses like American Cord &amp; Webbing are now eligible to take out larger SBA loans – with the maximum 7(a) and 504 loan size more than doubled from $2 million to $5 million and the maximum 504 manufacturing related loan size increased from $4 million to $5.5 million.

·        New Treasury Programs Will Help Provide Credit for Small Businesses Like American Cord &amp; Webbing That Are Seeking to Expand: Treasury is setting up two new programs designed to support private-sector lending to small businesses like American Cord &amp; Webbing that are seeking credit to help them expand and create new jobs:

o   The Small Business Lending Fund will make available $30 billion in capital to small banks with incentives to increase small business lending, potentially supporting several multiples of that amount in new credit.

o   The State Small Business Credit Initiative will support at least $15 billion in new lending by strengthening state small business programs – many of them facing budget cuts – that leverage private-sector lenders to extend additional credit.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't drink the Tea! Learn the FACTS, not the Faux News!

Photo Credit

Vote "D" to Move USA Go Forward, or "R" to go back to failed policies!

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Monday Musings: "Freep's Folly" in 2010 Gubernatorial Endorsement

(This is the longest post I have written in a long time...
but it is THAT important! Thanks for your attention.) describes "folly" as (n): nonsense; a ridiculous idea. That is exactly what the Detroit Free Press has done with its endorsement of "The Nerd"for Governor of Michigan. The election is eight days away, so please allow me to enlighten those seemingly not in the know. A famous saying is "insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results"...we cannot afford to allow another know-nothing Republican with no plans and no government experience to further ruin our beautiful state.

Since the Free Press strike that began in 1995, the paper has hired many "new employees"--including the editorial board, so it could be that the "newbies" do not know about the last time we here in Detroit were fooled into allowing a Republican get mistakenly elected Governor of Michigan in 1990. Detroiters and Mayor Coleman Alexander Young were angry at then-Governor James Blanchard for *ignoring* Detroit and glossing over the needed *urban agenda*. Detroit voters either didn't vote at all, or thought they'd "teach Blanchard a lesson" by voting for the seemingly moderate and nice guy John Engler.

The 12 years of the Engler administration were a complete disaster for the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan. Engler came into office with a budget surplus, and left office (and left Michigan the day he left office--literally) with Michigan in dire straits. Engler depleted the state's "rainy day fund", closed all of the mental health facilities, cut taxes to the point that there was (and still is) no money to run the government, and decimated the public education system, especially here in Detroit.

"The Nerd" has no plans for Michigan, just "feel good" slogans like "Michigan needs to feel great again". Yeah, but how? MORE cutting taxes?

"The Nerd" has the NERVE to say in his advertisements that unemployment in Michigan has risen since Virg Benero has been Mayor of Lansing. Well, duh...but a Mayor doesn't have control over all of the employment of the entire state as The Nerd's ads seem to suggest.

He says "high unemployment in Michigan" with a straight face--although he laid off thousands in Michigan and the U.S. from the companies he owned AND then sold his company to China! TWICE he had a chance to build manufacturing plants in Michigan and TWICE he went to China instead. So who is more responsible for high unemployment in Michigan?

Mayor Bernero, on the other hand, has run Lansing like he will run the State of Michigan. Lansing is #7 in the United States in employment improvement; and #1 in the State of Michigan. Mayor Bernero knows how to improve the business climate while at the same time balancing the budget. He took a personal pay cut and a cut in his personal health insurance. What did "The Nerd" do? Sit on the millions he made for himself while selling out to China.

Mayor Bernero became known as "The Angriest Mayor in America" when he was justifiably angry because the Republicans were williing to let the American auto companies die, and all of the hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs and small businesses along with them. He went to Congress--angry--and demanded loans (not bailouts) to save the American auto industry. 

What did "The Nerd" do to save the auto companies and manufacturing in Michigan? NOTHING--except tell a business group in Grand Rapids that "manufacturing in Michigan is dead"!

Does Michigan need a Governor who only cares about big business, and neglects the real working people and small businesses? What is "The Nerd's" REAL record when it comes to making jobs IN MICHIGAN (not in China)? Just four months ago, "The Nerd" opened up a NEW company IN CHINA--he's tried to deny it.

One of "The Nerd's" current TV commercials has a smooth voice-over by a black actor--black people almost always can identify a black voice. DON'T BE FOOLED, DETROIT.

As far as Detroit goes, Mayor Bernero and "The Nerd" were invited to a debate at Renaissance High School last Thursday sponsored by the United Ministers of Detroit and the NAACP, among others. Mayor Bernero was there; "The Nerd" had other things to do. That is exactly what will happen after the next election: Governor Bernero will be there for Detroit; "The Nerd" will have other things to do when it comes to Detroit.

Yes, "The Nerd" came from humble beginnings and got rich. Nothing wrong with that; that's the American way. But it should NOT be the American way to throw the middle class under the bus and cut taxes to the point that there is no infrastructure (especially in Michigan) or social safety net.

Mayor Bernero also came from humble beginnings as the youngest child of an Italian immigrant who came to America in 1947 to work in the auto industry and was able to raise his five children in a middle class environment provided by that blue collar job with middle class salary and health benefits. Mayor Bernero wants the same opportunities for every one that his family had.

"The Nerd" only understands "the bottom line" and profits for the people at the top of corporations like has been his recent experience.

BTW: all of the road repairs that are going on right now are the result of the STIMULUS package that the Democrats voted for--money and jobs for the State of Michigan and other states. Republicans rail against the Stimulus, but then show up in their districts with big checks. The height of hypocrisy!

I expected the Detroit News the endorse "The Nerd", but the Freep?!?!?!?!?!? How quickly we forget!

Don't be fooled again. This is more than a choice between "Wall Street and Main Street"--this is a decision that will affect Detroit and Michigan for many years to come.

Look at the candidates and really decide who is for EVERYONE in Michigan, not just the rich and well-connected. If "tax cuts" really did create jobs-where are they?

The Free Press already committed one folly; don't do the same, Detroit. Wake up! Don't make the same mistake twice and expect a different outcome.

Vote Virg Bernero for Governor on November 2 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Cass Tech High School (1917)--Another Detroit Gem Disappears








Instead of preserving history and temporarily securing the doors and windows of the beautiful and historic 1917 Cass Technical High School building, the Detroit Public Schools Administration is spending over $3,000,000 to demolish the edifice. The destruction begins this week and continues through the summer of next year. Any number of companies could have come in to re-purpose the building located right off of I-75 and many bus lines. Cass Tech graduated many famous (and infamous) Detroiters; and was previously known as one of the top public high schools in the United States. (Disclaimer: I am a member of the CT Class of 1967...)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Voter Registration Deadline!

Monday October 4 2010 is the DEADLINE to make sure that you are registered for the November 2 2010 Election!

Click on this link if you have questions about voting in Michigan:,1607,7-127--243820--,00.html

If you live in another state, please check the website or office for your Secretary of State or local election office.

You MUST be registered in order to vote; if you plan to vote by absentee ballot, it is also time to check your local regulations for absentee voting regulations.

If you don't vote, you don't have a voice.

VOTE! REGISTER NOW! (If you need to re-register.)

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