Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Hit the Road, Mitt" Video: We don't want you in Detroit or Michigan!

Perennial Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a native of Michigan and son of former Michigan governor George Romney, famously said in December 2008: "Let Detroit go bankrupt." He was referring to the then-on-the-brink U.S. auto industry. He didn't care about the tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs that would be lost. He didn't care about the lost manufacturing base of the American auto industry. He didn't care about Detroit.

Of course, AFTER President Barack Obama and the Michigan Democratic Congressional leaders, including John Conyers, Debbie Stabenow, Carl Levin, and Sander Levin, as well as former Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm led a government-sponsored loan (not 'bailout") program, the U.S. auto industry is doing better than ever. All of the big three are reporting repeated quarterly profits, tens of thousands of saved and/or new jobs, exciting new car models, and additional investments in plants and R&D, Mr. Romney said saving the auto industry was "his idea" all along.

No, Mitt, it was not. You are famous for wanting to throw ordinary people and companies under the bus. You are most famous for flip-flopping.

Please help this video go viral as Mitt "comes home to Michigan" for a GOP debate in metro Detroit on Wednesday night to try to make us forget that he wanted Detroit to go bankrupt. We are NOT forgetting, Mitt. Hit the road.


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