Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Take THAT, Newt!

Sometimes, someone else captures your thoughts...this post is copied directly from the blog of Travon Free, a comedian who grew up in one of those "poor neighborhoods" that Newt is so fond of denigrating. Follow the links to visit this brother's blog and to follow him on Twitter.


An Open Letter To Newt Gingrich From A Black Kid Who Grew Up In A Poor Neighborhood

Dear Newt Gingrich,

I recently saw you stand up in front of a group of people and allow some of the most
idiotic, unfounded, racist, and ignorant words pass your lips that I’ve ever heard
from a member of a group of the most unqualified presidential candidates America
has ever seen.

To have the audacity to say that poor kids, and let’s be clear that’s republican speak
for black and brown kids, “have no habits of working and nobody around them who
works” is not only an insult to me as black man who grew up in one of those “really
poor” neighborhoods you spoke of but it’s an insult to my mother. And it’s an insult to
many other black and brown children, adults, and hard working parents(often single
parents) who get up every single day to try to provide a better life for their children in
poor neighborhoods.


As a child grew up in Compton in the early 90′s, one of the most dangerous
neighborhoods in America, I watched my mother work tirelessly, sometimes juggling
multiple jobs to provide for myself and my sister. Day in and day out just like many other
parents in poor neighborhoods she did what she had to do in order to provide for us.
You know what that turned into Mr. Gingrich?

A son who received academic and athletic scholarship offers from three Ivy League schools
and countless other universities, a son with a college degree in Criminal Justice who
graduated with honors from every school he attended, and a daughter who not only
attended a Gifted and Talented Education high school but is one year away from
completing a degree at UCLA.

This is not just the case for my family. I know I speak for many other hard working
black, brown, and even poor white families who have the same experiences in the poor
neighborhoods to look down upon from your elitist 1% out of touch pedestal. To say that
an entire community “literally has no habit of showing up on Monday” or “they have no
habit of staying all day” I say that is a load of shit.

Millions of poor children watch their parents show up Monday and many of them
sometimes have to suffer from the fact that their parents have to stay at work ALL DAY.

And lastly, you suggest that to remedy this “problem” as you so blindly see it is to make
poor kids assistant janitors and pay them to clean the restrooms? Your solution is child
labor. Degrading young children by suggesting they clean toilets while painting all union workers as lazy leeches. It’s a shame they don’t have the work ethic of hard working Americans like Kim Kardashian who worked so hard in her sex tape before we crowned her a role model for young girls and showered her with money and adoration or Paris Hilton who was forced to clean so many toilets as a teen to learn “work ethic” before her parents handed over the millions.

This not only echoes the depth of your ignorance but just how truly unqualified
you are to ever be president of this country. Your assumption that poor people have no
ingrained work ethic and “have no habit of ‘I do this and you give me cash’ unless it’s
illegal” is not only dangerously ignorant but it proves you have no connection with the
true heart of this country.

I believe I speak for most if not all of “poor” America when I say Mr. Gingrich you have
no habit of performing, thinking or speaking in a manner that warrants becoming the
leader of the free world and the 45th president of these United States of America. You
represent a party of greedy, selfish, out of touch, wealth protecting, non tax paying,
destroyers of the middle class. You know nothing about us. But your words in your
speech in Des Moines told us everything about you.

Which is why I hope you win your party’s nomination so that poor and impoverished
families can at least experience four more years of a man working diligently to help
them and the communities they call home that you have proven to know nothing about.
president number 44.

PS. You look like someone poured mashed potatoes into a suit :-D


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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: New Downtown Detroit Restaurant

Despite all of the doom and gloom predictions and actualities for our proud City, the new businesses keep coming! This article doesn't mention whether there is free Wi-Fi, but if there is, I'm there!

Announcing: The Grand Opening of the Hudson Cafe!

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Uploaded by  on 2 Dec 2011
DETROIT (Tell Us Det) - Friday, December 02, 2011 The Hudson Café officially opened its doors in Downtown Detroit at 1241 Woodward Avenue on Merchants Row with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The metropolitan style eatery offers breakfast and brunch selections among other features on the exciting menu of many items which can be ordered anytime during business hours, all inside a fresh, open, airy dining area decked in a warm relaxing decor and a welcoming ambiance.

For those in a rush for a business meeting or to catch a bus? Just step over to the Cafe Coffee Bar just inside the front doors and enjoy everything from specialty coffee to fresh baked goods... and simply take it to go. And if you can dine in and don't want a table. enjoy your latte' in the comfortable lounge area which features big, roomy chairs, a fireplace and big screen television. The Hudson Café is also available for corporate events, private parties, celebrations, or any other such affair requiring an updated venue Downtown.

The cafe's prime location is directly across the street from the site of the former historic Hudson's Department Store building, in the heart of the business district; thus the name Hudson's Cafe. Classically Trained French Chef Tom Teknos, along with his partners Stavros Adamopoulos & Maurice are delighted to show their concept of a brunch cafe while spotlighting the continuing revitalization of Downtown Detroit and Merchants Row.

Meter parking is available on Woodward directly across from the restaurant. There's also underground parking available on the South/East corner of Woodward & Grand River (Premier Garage). The Hudson Café plans to use the underground parking structure for valet in the very near future.

Open seven days a week, the restaurant's normal business hours are 8AM- 4PM, with extended hours on special days where events occur Downtown. Some examples are Lions & Tigers games, City Lofts Shopping Event, Parades, Festivals, etc. These events will feature additional items not normally found on our menu.

Needless to say, The Hudson Café is very excited to help make downtown an increasingly more interesting, unique destination. Co-Owner Maurice said, "We are committed to being a part of the very exciting revitalization of our downtown. Detroit's Merchants Row is becoming the strong hub for businesses and their employees and that's what we all want it to be. The Hudson Café is integral to its progress and prosperity."

For more information or reservations call: 313-237-1000

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