Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pssst...U.S. Troops Left Iraq

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By Keith A. Owens



It really doesn't matter what the man does, Obama will never get the full recognition and praise for what he has managed to do until long after he has left office. Perhaps not even until he's dead and buried. Just like all those nouveau nationalists and latter-day civil rights 'warriors' who were more than happy to wear the T-shirt of a dead hero, and maybe even spend a few bucks to see the movie and shed a tear. But good Lord don't you know they wouldn't have been caught dead with either when either was alive and so full of what it actually meant to be alive that they were both far more terrifying than they were revered. 

And that, by the way, was how their followers viewed them. Because that's how most of us (yes, I'm including myself because I'm honest) view those rare few among us who walk through paralyzing fear like most of us walk through a brisk morning rain.

So no matter how cool the brother appears, 24/7 room temperature no matter what the occasion, you've got to know Obama is well acquainted with fear by now. Maybe he could convince himself that all those death threats he got during the campaign didn't make him fear for his own life, but what about the lives of his wife and two young daughters? No husband, no father, no breathing, conscious human being could escape the grip of fear in circumstances like that.

But just like Martin, and just like Malcolm, he keeps walking through. He keeps pushing past. Because it is no longer only him that is doing the pushing. He has help; the same Help that came to the rescue of those before him. The same Help that gave them the push they needed when they swore they didn't have it in them to push a grain of sand up an anthill.

Last week, the last U.S. troops left Iraq. Obama got them out ahead of schedule. No doubt there will be all kinds of criticism about how the war isn't really over, and what about those 50,000 he left behind to assist doesn't that mean he didn't really..? No it doesn't. Read the fine print. Obama did what he said he was going to do.

Not to mention what he did by saving the auto companies. Or the miracle he pulled off by pulling the economy back from the cliff just as it was about to scream 'fuck it' and jump. Or health care reform, which I've already been notified will put $100 right back in my checking account each month beginning October 1 because it will no longer be deducted. Or what he's done straightening out the crooked credit card companies (that's going to save me money too). Or the housing ownership rescue programs he's got out there (got some experience with that as well).

Me? I'm not waiting until the polls get better and I damn sure am not waiting until he's dead. For one thing, I'll probably be dead before he will. So let me put it on record now, because I do believe in getting your props while they can still prop you up;



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