Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: When a Bow is a sign of Respect...

...and when some former American Presidents just don't "have a clue..."

There is a difference between elected officials of countries and royalty. Cultures which have real lines of royalty generations- and centuries-long see their kings, queens, and emperors through a different lens than we here in America do.

There are three kinds of bows: the first is just about five degrees and is a greeting for friends; the second is about 10 degrees and is for a boss or senior in business; but the third one is at a full 15 degrees and is reserved for heads of state or The Emperor.  
Obama's 15 degree bow to The Emperor of Japan was correct.

Read more:

This took place in America, not Japan. Nixon didn't bow low enough!


DeGaulle? He wasn't even royalty!

Bush isn't a Catholic; and America is not a Catholic country!

This is better than bowing in respect?

A bow or a scrape?

What is THIS?

Is THIS how American Presidents are suppposed to show respect to foreign leaders?

Maybe a President who actually understands and respects other cultures knows more
than one who thinks he is a comedian...

Your comments are welcome!

Let's start a civilized dialogue...

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