Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Words Cannot Express Wednesday: Jabari Jordan (5/12/92- 5/10/10)

Jabari Jordan (5/12/92- 5/10/10), a young brother from the communities of Detroit & Highland Park, MI,  made his transition on May 10, 2010. A community event was held on Tuesday, May 12, 2010 at Aisha Shule/ W.E.B. DuBois Prep. Academy to celebrate both his life and what would have been his 18th birthday.

Grieving mother, Annisha Jordan, aunt Maat Akanke and uncle, lovingly know as Tuff embraced one another several times throughout the night.

An ancestral altar was created and prepared by the Akuaba Women's Society, Circle of Wisdom to honor Jabari as a new ancestor

Prayer was offered by Sumarah Smith.

Libations were poured by Kefentse Chike.

Poetry was read by a childhood friend and former schoolmate, Tahirah Murphy

A community drum circle was formed to honor Jabari Jordan, a fellow drummer of Djembefola (PPT)

Jabari's mother, Annisha and brother, Malik Jordan watched the ceremony with tearful joy.

African dances were performed by the community to honor both the deceased and his family. (Shown from top to bottom: Imari Alaji, Adisa Murphy, Saidah Murphy, Aziza Davis, Terri O'Neal, Malika Pryor, Aqueela Muhammad, as well as mother and daughter, Mehmuna and Jamaikah Jackson.)

Lastly, Jabari's (sister-like) aunt, Maat Akanke (long standing member of the community and the Pyramid Performing Theater) danced for her sister, brother and late nephew.

A potluck-style dinner was served throughout the night.

Elder, Mama Imani Humphrey, Director of Aisha Shule/ W.E.B. DuBois Prep. Academy spoke on the subject of loss and the use of african culture and it's principals for strength in hard times.

A birthday song was sung in kiswahili  for Jabari, who would have been 18 years old on this day.

The event brought out students and alumni of all ages to ASDPA. Most were former classmates of Jabari , had gone to ASDPA with his aunt, Maat, watched Jabari grow up within its walls or was taught by Jabari's grandmother Mama Titilayo Akanke (not shown)

Letters and cards were read for brothers and sisters who could not attend.

Extended family members like Alife Hogan, came out to support Annisha, mother of the deceased as well as the entire family.

Jabari Jordan's Djembe was passed onto Jabari's younger brother Malik by lead drummer, Ayinde Ananda-Fondren.

To conclude the ceremony, a prayer circle was formed around the immediate family, each member touching to create a continuous circle.

Photographs provided by: Jendayi Iyi,!/album.php?aid=57328&id=1019543627&ref=mf


  1. How did he pass?

  2. He was shot in his backyard--completely random, completely unnecessary.


  4. I love you big bro, Rest in Peace


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