Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My "Pound Puppies" (w/Pics)

"Jam Session" (because my husband is a musician...)
"Pepper" (because "Piper"--the name I really liked--is a girl's name...)


We adopted our two dogs in May 2002 and December 2007 from the Detroit shelters--the Michigan Humane Society and the Detroit Dog Pound.

Remember those toys from about ten or so years ago called "Pound Puppies"? That's what I call my shelter dogs--my "pound puppies". They aren't really puppies anymore--"Jam" is about 9 1/2 years old and "Pepper" is about 6 years old.

I don't have anything against people purchasing pure-bred dogs--especially if they want/love a particular breed or they show dogs or breed dogs professionally.

However, our dogs are just our very spoiled house pets, and buying "new" just didn't make sense when there were so many "gently used" beautiful and loving dogs who needed and wanted homes--even if the dogs are mutts of questionable parentage. Plus, the $100 it cost for adoption (which included shots and neutering) was WAY less than the hundreds of $$$ it would cost for a purebred.

Both of our dogs were even already housebroken when we adopted them--a pleasant surprise! Jam Session (80 lbs.) is mostly a Hungarian Pointer (Vizsla) and Pepper (20 lbs.) is mostly a spaniel/terrier something-or-other. They get along beautifully. Pepper, younger and smaller, acts more like a guard dog protecting the house; while Jam is content to be "Jabba the Hut" on the sofa.

They get a Beggin' Strip every day at noon; and dinner is usually about 5. I work from my home office and at 11:57am and 4:57pm, I look down at my feet and there they are-waiting not too patiently. I swear they can tell time!

Unless you have a special reason for getting a purebred dog, consider adopting a homeless mutt. You will be rewarded over and over and over. It's almost as if they know what the alternative to adoption would have been.




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