Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Detroit is NOT Hiroshima!

Glenn Beck has done it again. The Faux News personality, who has lost more than 50% of his audience and advertisers in the last year, bashed Detroit on his show Monday night, February 28 2011.

Rational and thinking people have realized that Beck is delusional, crazy, and just out-and-out lies at his chalkboard on his show. His rantings make no sense, have no historical credibility, and are patently false.

Last night, Beck tried to compare Detroit to Hiroshima after the 1945 bombing. Of course, Beck blamed Detroit's problems on "progressives" and "unions". He said that Detroit could not put its problems on former President George W. Bush.

Point 1- Beck contended that Hiroshima rebuilt itself because of "private business"; he conveniently "forgot" to mention that Hiroshima was totally destroyed during a *real* war, and was re-built with the help of the United States Government. Yes, a government "bailout" assisted the people of Hiroshima to rebuild.
Point 2 - Beck contended that Detroit is destroyed because of the unions and the auto companies and progressive politics. He states that the auto companies should NOT have received federal assistance; of course he conveniently "forgot" to mention that George Bush issued the first loan to the auto companies just before he left office in December 2010. Beck also ignored the fact that the auto companies have come back stronger than ever--saving and adding hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs.
Point 3 - Beck contends that Detroit has been dying since the census of 1950. Yes, there have problems--lots of them--and the City has less than half the population it had in 1950. But of course, Beck "forgot" to mention--or is responding to--the POSITIVE changes in metro Detroit: the resurgence of the auto industry, the diversification of businesses, manufacturing, technology, and green technologies, etc.

People like Glenn Beck and others at Faux News and other far-right outlets continue to try to get the upper hand, not by true investigative reporting, but presently lies and extreme points of view to hold America and its cities and states (especially those that are Democratic) back from "Winning the Future".

If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. I would love to read your comments on the ongoing assault of Faux News and others like them against the middle class and the working people of America.

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