Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama or McCain? Which Tax Cut Is Better for You?

There has been much discussion of taxes and tax cuts and who is really "middle class" in this election year.  Although Senator John McCain feels that people who make $5M are "middle class", most of us have incomes nowhere near that figure.

Senator Barack Obama maintains that his tax policy will cut taxes for about 95% of Americans; many pundits put the figure closer to 85%.  Those whose income is $250,000 or more would pay slightly more; but under the proposed plan of John McCain, those who are really middle class would have a smaller tax cut.

What about you?  How would you and your family fare under either of the proposed plans?  Try this calculator and see for yourself!

How much will Barack Obama cut your taxes?

Despite the facts laid out in the presidential candidates' published tax policies, half of Americans still believe that Barack Obama will raise their taxes.
Barack Obama would cut my taxes by: $
John McCain would cut my taxes by: $
Barack Obama would cut my taxes by: $ more than John McCain.

What's your Obama tax cut? Let's find out!

What's your family's filing status? (elderly: head of household at least 65 years old)
How many dependent children are in your family?
What's closest to your Adjusted Gross Income?
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Make sure that you and every you know is registered to vote! 

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