Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shopping in Detroit: Avalon Bakery

Fresh baked homemade bread. Steaming coffee. Scrumptious pastries. Are you hungry yet? If so, get down to the Cass Corridor (also known as "Midtown") and experience Avalon Bakery, an environmentally accountable, socially conscious enterprise. The owners, Jackie Victor and Ann Perrault, originally were going to open just a wholesale bakery, but as retail customers were literally banging on the door to buy their homemade wares, they starting selling to the general public.

Victor and Perrault are committed to their neighborhood, the City of Detroit, and building a business that encompasses both. The bakery feeds the homeless, has a recycling program, and attempts to employ people from the neighborhood. Wages and benefits mirror those available in corporations.
Those business decisions has been a boon to the neighborhood, adding to the availability of fresh food in the City of Detroit. Continued growth has necessitated relocation and remodeling of the building that houses Avalon Bakery. The new building includes recycled parts of the former
downtown YMCA and Universal Axle. Now customers can pop in for an order for the day or week, or sit down with a cup of coffee, a scone, and conversation.

Avalon Bakery
422 W Willis St
Detroit, MI 48201-1702
Phone: (313) 832-0008
Hours: Tues-Sat 6 m-6pm
            Sun 7am-3pm
            Mon Closed

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