Thursday, November 6, 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama Sounds So Good!

President-Elect Barack Obama

Wow! Doesn't that sound good? Do you still have goosebumps like me? As you read this, President-elect Obama will be receiving his first White House National Intelligence Briefing! Wow! I feel more secure already...someone who is actually intelligent receiving the intelligence briefing!

As we allow the feelings to take hold and start coming back down to reality it will help to remember how Barack Obama won this election. First of all, the results are solid: at least 367 Electoral College votes (EV), 97 more Evs than needed; and 52% of the popular vote, a full 6 percentage points above John McCain and a one point more than a majority! No court challenges; no hanging chads; no questions of legitimacy!

But as proud as we are about the successful outcome on its face, it is good to remember that Barack Obama won this election based with superior strategy, unwavering vision, and unparalleled integrity.

* He could have been "the angry Black man"; he wasn't.
* He could have used a scorched-earth strategy against both Hillary Clinton and John McCain; he didn't.
* He could have lied against his opponents, spread smears and distortions about them, or called them everything but a child of God; he didn't.

Barack Obama held true to his management style of No Drama with Obama. Looking back on his almost 2-year campaign, there were no meltdowns, there was no staff infighting, no scandals, almost no gaffes or mis-speaks; and any and all obstacles or setbacks he encountered were handled with class, grace, and style.  With the entire Obama family, what you see is what you get. As several TV pundits said on Wednesday, there will be no "Monicas" or "Heck of a job, Brownies" waiting to upset the apple cart. He knew what he needed to do to achieve his objective, and he marched on with laser-like focus.

President-elect Barack Obama learned of the death of his beloved Toot early Monday morning, and less than an hour later, strode onto a rally stage and continued to lay out his vision for America; but you could see his eyes were puffy and had black circles under them. Later that day, at his 4th or 5th rally of the day, a few tears rolled down his cheeks, but he maintained his composure and focus. It is now Thursday morning, and he still hasn't had time to grieve the loss of his last parent.

Tuesday morning, he went to Indiana one more time, because he felt he could turn a red state blue--and he did!

As proud and excited as we are about the election of Barack Hussein Obama for President of the United States of America, we are just as proud and inspired because of how he won the election.

President-elect Barack Obama. Yes, it still sounds so very good.
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  1. Great article! I love the term, " No Drama with Obama"

    So true. I still have goose bumps too. . . . it's simply amazing and it is the best thing for the country!

  2. Yes, I'm still happy.. toward the end I was afraid that McCain was making a comeback, but he didn't and here we are.

    I agree that it's more than wonderful to hear real intelligence after so many years of George (and his father before him!). But I don't think intelligence is going to get us out of this mess.

    I voted for Barack because I was worried about upcoming Supreme Court retirements. I don't want more conservatives - I think that would have been very dangerous.

    I certainly felt that McCain would only worsen our economic woes, but I also doubt that even a complete Democratic takeover of Congress would be enough to get us out of trouble.

    It's going to be a nasty, unpleasant ride from here. I can still HOPE, but I think it's forlorn.

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