Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shopping in Detroit: Made in Detroit Apparel

Kid Rock is an international superstar with roots in Detroit. He and his brother, Billy Ritchie, have teamed up with the Made in Detroit Apparel Company to produce and sell authentic "Made in Detroit"-branded apparel and accessories. Made in Detroit has been a Detroit staple since 1991, but since the Ritchie Brothers took over the brand, the product line has been expanded to include limited edition items for Wayne State University and authorized retailers in Detroit, the Detroit Metroplex, and Los Angeles.

The profits for the Wayne State-branded items are donated to a special foundation started by Kid Rock to fund scholarships for music students at Wayne State. Those items are available online at Wayne State, online at WDET, and at the Barnes and Noble College Store on the Wayne State Campus.


"Made in Detroit" items are available in Detroit at the Showtime Detroit Clothing Store on Woodward and Palmer near I-94 and the WSU campus, as well as many stores in the Detroit Suburbs. Hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and accessories are available for men, women, and youth.


  1. The "New" Made in Detroit (under Kid Rock) is lame. Their old designs are still good, I guess, except my dad has all of them and I don't like to dress like him. All of the Kid Rock MID designs are weak...either they're variations of the same old ones, or super corny skulls/eagles. WTF, when did Kid Rock turn into an old man?

    The designer who created the Made in Detroit logo, Bobby Stanzler, has a new line with some very fresh stuff called Detroit manufacturing ( www.detroitmfg.com )

    I bought some at Autorama and get a lot of compliments on it, plus (unlike Kid Rock who moved MID to Clarkston WTF?) Stanzler's company is located/operating in Detroit.

    Detroit Manufacturing also sells at the Eastern Market on Saturdays. I think they're making the best, freshest Detroit stuff available by far.

  2. Kid isn't my favorite musician but I'm happy he saved the MID brand. Stanzler seemed inept at keeping it going. I remember the intent was supposed to be for local artists to join in and have a common logo. I tried to get involved with it but the dumbasses never bothered to answer thier phones or return messages. I got the feeling the became elitists or something. I thought the logo and idea behind it was great. I applaud Kid for bringing it back and not changing it. Don't fix what isn't broken. Stanzler should have stuck to the original plan and let in the local artists. He could have gone further. As for Stanzler new stuff it doesn't seem to capture the spirit of MID. He's probably gonna turn out to be a one trick pony. I hope he proves me wrong. Meantime Kid can only be applauded for not letting someone else's genius fall through the cracks.

  3. Dear "No Secrets",

    Moving "Made in Detroit" out of Detroit, closing its Detroit offices, and laying off it's entire design and production team is hardly saving MID. I applaud Robert Stanzler for starting another company, keeping Detroiters working, and having some integrity.

    "Kid" Rock (isn't he about 40 now?) has figured out how to order shirts in bigger quantities, but I doubt he'll let you put your name on any product either, Mr. "no secrets" with the secret name.

    Stanzler hasn't made any single graphic as iconic as the MID logo for his new line yet, but as a whole it's much more innovative than MID since his departure. The new "Made in Clarkston" shit looks like rejected designs from "Affliction". Corny suburban bar clothes.

    Of course a multi-millionaire won't have to struggle to grow his business the way Bobby Stanzler did, but if that's the biggest criticism you've got...

    Give me the old, cool, Detroit-based MID any day over the current crap they make.

    I went to look at their stuff at River Days and before I got within 5 feet of the booth their corny-ass manager was making fun of the Pure Detroit shirt I was wearing. The new MID is a suburban, mean-spirited company that has no connection with the city except that they sit in Clarkston and make money off the city's name. Kid Rock will figure out how to make more money off us that he can take to the 'burbs (for bigger houses, hookers, and blow...just what I don't want to finance)

    I'm done with the so called "Made in Detroit" that's really in north Oakland county.

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  5. Check out Down with Detroit shirts if you want some Detroit Apparel that isn't the same 3 designs for 20 years.


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