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Do it in Detroit: Blog Action Day- Michigan's Involvment in Climate Change

This year as participants in Blog Action Day, the "D" Spot Redeux's "Do it in Detroit" segment spotlights what Michigan is already doing to address climate change as well as features recycling programs and businesses in Detroit that are available to the public, easily accessible, and run by people who care about this city. So that means, No more excuses, become informed then "Do it in Detroit", it’s easy.

is a major component of Michigan waste reduction efforts. It is often the first step businesses take toward a more efficient and cleaner operation. It is also a popular, positive way individuals can protect their environment and reduce the impact of climate change.

A few of the many environmental and economic benefits of recycling are:
Minimizing the need to harvest and mine virgin materials thus preventing habitat and natural area destruction and disruption.
Creating more jobs than managing waste does, resulting in stronger local economies.
Diverting waste from landfills, extending their useful lives.
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Model D TV video producer/director Tom Hendrickson talks with the Recycle Here folks about their ever expanding operations.

Just because you never see any shiny, colorful recycling bins lining the streets on Tuesday mornings (or any day of the week) does not mean that Detroiters don’t recycle. While there is no curbside recycling, When Detroiters recycle, they Recycle Here! And they do it via drop off locations and, in some neighborhoods, curbside pick up, which Recycle Here runs for the city.

Recycle Here! has a main drop off facility located at 1331 Holden Ave in the New Center area. They are open every Wednesday from 10am until 6pm and Saturday from 9am until 3pm. Friendly and informed staff are always available to guide and assist you through your drop off experience. In addition to drop off services, Recycle Here! offers pick up services for a variety of loft/condo communities and businesses throughout Detroit. If you are interested in having this service added to your business or community please contact us at and we will visit your location and help you develop a program that works for you.

16135 Harper, Detroit, Mi 48224
Ph: 313-640-4411 Fax: 313-640-4422

Arts & Scraps is a Detroit non-profit organization that uses recycled industrial materials to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn. Please bring clean items, sorted as much as possible. Drop items off at our side delivery door during our open hours, Tues., Thurs. 11-6, Sat. 11-4. Don't live in the Detroit area? Send them to 16135 Harper, Detroit, MI 48224. Visit
Arts& for a list of items you can and cannot donate.

Shop Macy's and support Arts & Scraps--Shop for a Cause

1. Purchase a $5 gift certificate from Arts & Scraps. ALL the money stays with Arts & Scraps to provide programming. 2. On October 17, go to any Detroit area Macy's and use your certificate for $5 off one item or a 20% discount all day. You may purchase more than one certificate to use on multiple smaller items. Certain departments like cosmetics and some designers do not apply; gift certificates and payments are also excluded. Purchase your certificate on the Arts & Scraps website or visit Arts & Scraps Tues., Thurs., 11-6, Sat. 11-4.

1923 Frederick, Detroit, MI 48211 Phone: (313) 923-0080 EQ Detroit is one of the largest waste processing facilities in the United States. Located in the heart of the Motor City, EQ Detroit can be accessed by both truck and direct rail service. Our container management services include docking bays and storage of nearly 4,000 drums. The operation also provides technical support and full laboratory services to help you meet your waste characterization needs. Recycling Services: Solvent recycling, Battery recycling, Universal waste recycling, On-site mobile solvent/oil recycling, Airport services - glycol recycling, Oil recycling, Commodities (cardboard, paper, plastics, etc.), E-waste, and Waste to energy.
Michigan Business P2 Partnership (MBP3)

Known as the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3), this voluntary program is open to all Michigan businesses, regardless of size, interested in initiating or expanding pollution prevention (P2) practices and receiving recognition for these efforts. Participants are asked to provide an annual summary of their progress and share success stories on their pollution prevention activities. Developed jointly by the business community and state government, the MBP3 program is managed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance, who will be responsible for providing pollution prevention assistance, recognizing participants, and reporting on the program's progress. Organizations in Michigan have the opportunity to become involved in a unique program encouraging businesses to apply creative, cost-effective techniques to reduce waste and prevent the release of hazardous substances. Contact: Contact: Chris Affeldt (517) 241-9505, Agency: Environmental Quality for more information.

Recognizing that the future of Michigan and its citizens will be impacted by climate change, on November 14, 2007, Governor Jennifer Granholm established the Michigan Climate Action Council (MCAC). One of the charges for the MCAC was to develop a comprehensive climate action plan for the state. On March 1, 2009, the MCAC completed the Climate Action Plan which includes 54 policy recommendations for reducing GHG emissions and addressing related energy and commerce issues in Michigan. The Climate Action Plan is the initial step in establishing a basis for moving forward on the implementation of climate change policies in Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) was instrumental in attracting a green energy company, Renewafuel LLC, an affiliate of Cleveland Cliffs, Inc., to come to Michigan and potentially expand. Renewafuel produces high-quality, low-emission biofuels. These dense fuel cubes are made from renewable materials such as corn cobs, corn stover, wood chips, switch grass, etc., and are a potential substitute for Western coal and natural gas that could significantly reduce green house gas emissions of utilities and other companies. Recycling Efforts in State Government - Recycling has been a major component of waste reduction efforts in Michigan and is part of the MDEQ Pollution Prevention Strategy. Often, recycling is the first step businesses take toward a more efficient and cleaner operation. For details on the various recycling efforts in the Michigan, go to,1607,7-135-3585_4130---,00.html.


"Take the Pledge"

The Michigan Climate Action Councils urges you to take a small step by "taking the pledge" meaning to make a voluntary commitment to reduce greenhouse gases through one or more actions that can help Michigan proactively address the threats that climate change pose on our environment.

You can read through the more than 50 actions identified on the "Climate Change Checklist" which outlines 50 actions you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions where you live, work, or learn.

Once you are ready to take the pledge, fill out the form at,1607,7-135-50990-195739--,00.html and join with others in Michigan who have committed to
helping become a leader in addressing the global challenge of climate change.

Sign Michigan's Coal Petition

Help support Governor Jennifer Granholm for her efforts to help stop the advance of global warming, including a strong proposed renewable energy standard requiring Michigan produce at least 25% of our electricity from non-polluting, renewable sources by 2025 and recruitment of renewable energy manufacturing jobs to Michigan.

By signing this petition Michigan can prevent the permitting of more coal plants until stronger protections are put in place against dangerous global warming carbon dioxide pollution. Coal-fired power plants already have serious negative impacts on public health, and today they are a major force behind global warming. Global warming is the most significant environmental and humanitarian emergency that has ever faced our planet; Michigan must play a leading role in reducing emissions of CO2, a significant cause of global warming. For more information go to: or click below to sign the petition.


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