Monday, February 7, 2011

Imported from Detroit: Chrysler 200 SuperBowl 2011 Commercial

This is the Motor City
and this is what we do.

We here in Detroit are ecstatic about the Chrysler 200 SuperBowl Commercial about Detroit starring Detroit native and
also known as
Marshall Mathers
also known as
Slim Shady!
We are very proud of our City, and we know what is special about us and our contributions to the world.
We are especially proud that our Democratic former governor, Jennifer Granholm,
the Democratic Congresspeople from Michigan and the Democratic Party 
believed in the U.S. auto companies in 2009 and approved the 
necessary loans for Chrysler and GM to enable them to save and add tens of thousands 
of direct and indirect jobs right here in America when the other political party 
wanted to auto industry to just roll over and die.
The American auto industry is BACK, and the best cars are IMPORTED FROM DETROIT!
Detroit rules!
Best commercial of the SuperBowl (for Detroit and the world)!
Congrats to our midwest neighbors, SuperBowl Champions the Green Bay Packers.
Even the Detroit Lions won some games this season!
Detroit rocks!

This is the Motor City
and this is what we do.

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