Friday, February 11, 2011

Old School Friday: Songs For Hosni Mubarack

For over two weeks, protesters in Egypt have demanded that President Hosni Mubarack immediately step down and dismantle his 30-year regime. On Thursday, President Mubarack gave a rambling speech, insisting that he had heard the protestors and would make some necessary changes. The protestors have kept up their rallies in Liberation Square since #Jan25.
The protestors told Hosni Mubarack to "Hit the Road Jack" (Ray Charles, 1961)

All day Thursday, rumors flew that Mr. Mubarak would step down and that his highly anticipated speech would be his swan song. But by the end of the day, it became painfully obvious that the Egyptian president wasn't leaving any time soon. Let us hope and pray that the Egyptians stay safe and there are no violent crackdowns.
Hosni Mubarack replied: "And I am Telling You--I'm Not Going" (Jennifer Holliday, 1982)

What are your thoughts on the Egyptian situation?

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