Friday, June 26, 2009

Old School Friday: RIP Michael (no last name needed...)

Nothing else needs to be said about any other parts of Michael...
His talent speaks it all for him.
One of my favs (besides "Thriller" of course) is "Bad"...
Who's "Bad"...Michael is still the "Baddest"...
 I LOVE this video of people in the Phillippines doing "Thriller"...

Please leave your kind memories of Michael in the Comments Section...

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  1. I was just nine years old when Thriller was released. Looking back, the song I actually remember the best is "Beat It". Gotta love that red leather jacket! I also remember not understanding yet why all the girls who were a couple grades ahead of me in school were in love with him, heehee.

    I have to admit that "Beat It" also always reminds me of Weird Al's "Eat It", LOL.

    A friend of mine who is about the same age commented that for us (mid-30s) this is the first of our pop icons that has died and it reminds us of mortality.

  2. That was so special. Thank you for sharing your love of Michael with us. He is sadly missed. my dedication is up as well

  3. I remember seeing that recently and it was awesome! His talent will be missed.

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  5. Really we are missing his great talent..thanks for sharing..

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