Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits: Foran's Irish Pub

The interior and exterior of Foran's Irish Pub with restored Grand Trunk Railroad fixtures.
In the 1800s, the Grand Trunk Railroad extended from Portland, Maine to Sarnia, Ontario taking products from around the world from ships docked in Portland to distribute throughout the midwestern United States. The railroad line also linked many cities in Michigan, moving through Indiana to Chicago.

The Grand Trunk Railroad Depot Office in Detroit was located at Brush and Atwater Streets until the construction of the Renaissance Center. The Grand Trunk Railroad Ticket was located near what is now Campus Martius and thrived until Amtrak was begun in 1971.

The last Grand Trunk Railroad ticket office was located at 612 Woodward Avenue. Today, it is the home of Foran's Irish Pub, which has retained the historic style and furnishings of the old railroad office.

Foran's Irish Pub celebrates and supports the local economy by serving beer brewed at the Motor City Brewing Works, bread from Avalon Bakery, Faygo Pop, and meats and produce from the Eastern Market. Wi-fi is available.

Click here to visit the website for menu items and hours and to find out more about this great Detroit restaurant and bar.

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