Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michigan Turns Red and Questions about the State of the Republican Union

As of January 1 2011, Michigan will again be in the red. The last time Michigan had a Republican Governor, the *rainy-day* fund was decimated, public education was decimated, the tax base was decimated, the mental health safety net was decimated. The last Michigan Republican governor turned a record surplus and balanced budget developed by the previous Democratic governor into record deficits and massive job losses to be dealt with by the next Democratic governor (sound familiar?). He left Michigan in a shambles and left the state--literally--the day his term ended.

Now the new Republican governor has a *business* track record: he sold his previous company to China and built a new business--in China--just a few months ago. He laid off thousands in Michigan while building new plants overseas; yet he says he has a plan for jobs in Michigan. (He could start with the ones he destroyed while making himself wealthy.) He has declared that manufacturing in Michigan is dead. He wants no part of the tax credits that have made Michigan the movie-making company of the midwest. He wants to completely de-fund the "Pure Michigan" advertising campaign which was voted one of the best in the country and brought millions of tourism dollars to Michigan. He cares little for the City of Detroit. He said nothing when the Republicans threatened to kill the U.S. auto industry.

I have some questions for the new Republican *leadership* in Michigan and elsewhere in the U.S. However, they have already answered: their answer to everything is "tax cuts for the rich", "No" and "Hell No".

1) Will you make the oil companies who continue to pollute our waters (including western Michigan) pay for their negligence? NO.

2) Will you accept stimulus money that has brought jobs and infrastructure repair and restructuring to the States? NO.

3) Will you fight to give the the same excellent health care to your constituents that you will now enjoy for yourself? NO.

4) Will you refuse to accept government tax-funded salary and benefits for yourself and your family since you disparage the same for regular Americans who work for the government; like soldiers, teachers, police officers, firefighters and other first responders? NO.

5) Will you ensure continued funding for environmental concerns and tax-funded federal *mandates* like food and drug safety? NO.

6) Will you help the unemployed with emergency measures to stay afloat while all you magically bring back all of those jobs you shipped overseas? NO.

7) Will you ensure that average Americans aren't gouged by exorbitant interest rates and fees? NO.

8) Will you protect the rights of all Americans, even those who aren't white, straight, Christian married males? NO.

9) Will you take the blame when millions of Americans are still out of work in six months? NO.

10) Will you have all of your billionaire friends *bail out* the country when we have an even larger deficit because of your tax cuts for the rich, unfunded and unnecessary wars, unfunded mandates, and no money for natural disasters and oil spills? NO.

You started trying to destroy the duly elected President and this country with your obstruction on January 20 2009. You have shown you do not care what happens to ordinary Americans, as long as you have power and wealth. You don't understand that America will never be great again when 2% of its citizens have 90% of the wealth. Businesses will not grow when no one can afford to buy anything. Other countries will bypass us when our children are not educated. You believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. You deny that the polar ice caps are melting. You call "Allah" a "dirty god" without realizing that "Allah" is the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all descended from Abraham and all three religions are the only monotheistic religions and are branches of the same tree. You have no real understanding of the Constitution, American history or global cultures. You have declared a war on the middle class as well as anyone and everyone who does not fit your narrow view of who is a *real* American. You tolerate and sometimes even encourage violence against those same Americans who are different from you. Your entire M.O. is based on hatred, ignorance, fear-mongering and division. Your actions are based on lies--including the biggest Republican lie of the 21st century: the rationale for the Iraq war. Your followers don't know how to spell.

You have one year (more time than the Democrats had by your accounting). You have already stated that your only agenda item is to defeat our President. You care for nothing or no one else. By January 1 2012, if there is not full employment, a balanced budget, no wars, no Mexicans, no gays, no Muslims, and zero deficits, you will have failed and you will be voted out of office.

By the way, I want to see your birth certificates. The way most of you think and act, not only were you not born in the United States, you weren't born on this planet.

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