Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ten Midterm Lessons for My President

The first twenty-two months of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. had more successes than failures, but you would never know it by the political themes (or lack thereof) that helped the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives and score major gains in many states. I truly hope that the President will take some time to really study “what happened” to his mandate, the Democratic majority, and “hope and change”. 

Here is my Top Ten List of what I hope the President has learned:

1) “Why Can’t We Be Friends” is just a song; the Republicans neither like nor respect you. Their only agenda is to destroy you.

2) Dance with the ones who brung ya. (African-Americans, Latinos, Young People and Unions)

3) Stand up for your convictions; don’t let the haters melt your resolve.

4) Dance with the ones who brung ya. (Progressives, Liberals and Independents)

5) Just as you can’t be both a Christian and a Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you also can’t be both a Democrat and a Republican (there is something wrong with that).

6) Dance with the ones who brung ya. (Dr. Howard Dean and the Professional Left)

7) He who gets his message out gets his message across.

8) Dance with the ones who brung ya. (LGBT)

9) While keeping America striving for excellence and intelligence, realize that most Americans are “not smart”, can't spell worth Jack,  and can’t understand your elegant professorial speech. Many Americans need to be spoken to like six-year-olds.

10) Dance with the ones who brung ya. (The 54% of Americans who voted for “Change They Can Believe In” in 2008)

Mr. President, a great majority of your core constituency is still behind you and we definitely still want you and your administration to succeed. I truly hope that before you take a well-deserved holiday vacation in Hawaii, that you use these two months to make the changes necessary for America to thrive and people to know that what you are doing is both transformational and for the greater good.

Perception is everything.

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