Monday, April 26, 2010

Help Kalamazoo Central H.S. Bring President Obama for Commencement!

Calling all Michiganders! Kalamazoo Central High School is one of only six semi-finalists out of over 1,000 schools who entered the "Commencement Challenge" by the White House to "win" President Barack Obama as the commencement speaker!

Each school submitted a video to the White House; here is the one from Kalamazoo Central High School." />" width="480">


The online voting is open to everyone in the country. We know that Kalamazoo Central High School has worked very hard on its improvement over the past several years--they DESERVE to win! We also know that Kalamazoo is a relatively small city, so they need the votes of every Michigander! Here is what Kalamazoo Central High School told the White House:


Kalamazoo Central High School

Kalamazoo, MI
Kalamazoo Central is a diverse, dynamic and dedicated community of students and staff committed to our district’s mission: Every Child, Every Opportunity, Every Time. We challenge ourselves to take more AP classes (an increase of 221% in 4 years); we involve ourselves in our community through activism such as PeaceJam; and we take classes such as aviation technology and construction trades that prepare us for careers and college. Our relationships with teachers and staff empower us all to form a united bond and a belief in our end goal: changing the world through education. Since 2006, 91% of all Kalamazoo Central graduates have attended college, affirming a college going culture in a vibrant community of 1700. The Kalamazoo Promise—free college tuition for all—gives us the opportunity to achieve our college dreams. Our superintendent phrased it best: 
 “If you’re looking for a community where going to college is a birthright, then Kalamazoo Public Schools isn’t it; but, if you’re looking for a community trying to send a whole host of students to college, then Kalamazoo Central is a model of that success.” 
We no longer merely hope for a future; we are confident that we are the future.


Vote here right now while you have a minute....


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