Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TechTown in Detroit: Bridging Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In an area in Detroit now known as the "New Center", technology companies and innovative business incubators have been making their presence known. The New Center, previously known as "New Amsterdam", is located in the center of Detroit near Woodward, Grand Boulevard (East and West), Warren Avenue, and the I-94 Freeway. Most importantly, TechTown is in the area of the former General Motors Headquarters and many of the offices of TechTown are located in historic buildings designed by the late world-renowned architect Albert Kahn.

Two of the first companies in New Amsterdam was the Burroughs Adding Machine Company (now Unisys Corporation) and the American Electrical Heater Company. After declining in the 1950s, the area began its revitalization in the 1990s led by the president of Wayne State University, Dr. Irvin D. Reid.

Today, the New Center Area and TechTown is rapidly growing into a mixed-used neighborhood with lofts, schools, entertainment, shopping, and a renowned research and technology park focusing on small technology-based startups and enterprises. Close by is the Detroit Midtown neighborhood, including the Detroit Cultural Center with various museums, libraries and art galleries, the Detroit Medical Center, and Wayne State University.


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