Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey #Dateline: Report THIS about #Detroit!

Lots of hashtags in this story. #Dateline showed a very unbalanced story to the nation and the world about #Detroit on Sunday April 19 2010. I am not naive about the problems in this city with unemployment, poverty, corruption, shrinking population and tax base, failing schools, etc. But that is only PART of the story.

There are still beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods, successful families, businesses, and students, and hard-working individuals, private agencies, community groups, and just regular folks working HARD to turn this city around. 

Dateline did a great disservice to the City of Detroit. I personally know of one well-known community organizer who spent FOUR HOURS will Chris Hansen driving around city, showing him the beautiful and successful areas and people here. That person had 30 SECONDS on the show; while a person shooting raccoons in his backyard received over five minutes.

That's BALANCE? The following images are just the tip of the iceberg of the positive side of Detroit Michigan. Let no one or no so-called "television news show" tell you any different.

Home in Detroit.

Campus Martius: #1 Urban Park in America

Chene Park Outdoor Music Amphitheatre

Detroit Science Center

Detroit Opera House

Detroit Neighborhood

Detroit MLK High School Band in China for '08 Olympics; one of only five U.S. high schools invited.

Detroit Neighborhood Landscaping

Palatial Detroit Home

Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

Detroit Riverwalk: Dateline showed it empty at midnight.

Detroit Neighborhood

Rouge Park Golf Course

I could go on and on and on. I've been blogging about the positive happenings in Detroit for two years, along with many others. See my stories about homes, families, businesses, students, places to see and things to do at my Detroit-focused blog: the DSpot Redeux.

I just believe that there are always TWO sides to a story.

Comments welcome.

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  1. I agree. It would have been nice to see more positives about Detroit and a greater cross-section of people interviewed or followed.

    They could have shown more Midtown and Wayne State activities.

    Perhaps arial views of Foxtown during the Final Four last year or Opening Day this year.

    We had the Red Bull Air Races and International Fireworks.

    Crime is mostly an isolated outlying neighborhood problem.

    And on and on. The media does not sway my spirit. I live here and I know what goes on here.

  2. Thanks Daniel! Most appreciated. We cannot and must not give up! Make to sign up for updates on the posts and send to your network. Thanks!

  3. Yes! I love that someone else was bothered by that report. I may live in Kalamazoo now (for school), but I hate to see someone focus on ignorance instead of how Detroit is changing. I just suggested on my blog that people take a day trip and see the beautiful city for themselves. Check it out at
    BTW, awesome blog!

  4. Thanks, Shawntai! I was SICK watching that show...I was SO angry! Thanks for the compliment on the blog. I love yours, too!


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