Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings: Tax Day!

Since Friday April 15 2011 was Emancipation Day in Washington DC, "Tax Day" for the United States was moved to today, April 18 2011. Of course, the irony of "Emancipation Day"--the day in 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in Washington D.C. ahead of the nationwide Emancipation Proclamation--is that District Residents STILL have no voting rights in Congress and are subject to "taxation without representation". But that issue is for another blog post at another time; probably over at my Black Liberal Boomer blog or at the Jack and Jill Politics blog where my husband is a regular contributor.

Meanwhile, here in the "D", we have a huge IRS Office formally known as the IRS Detroit Computing Center; located at 985 Michigan Avenue. You've seen it every time you've been downtown. It is part of the Detroit skyline, but understandably, there is no identifiable name on the building. You have until midnight tonight to file your taxes: e-filing is best, but the downtown Post Office at 1401 W Fort Street will also accept your paper tax returns and ensure that they are postmarked with today's date.

Have you completed filing your taxes? Do you file electronically? Are you expected a tax return?

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