Friday, April 15, 2011

OSF: Welcome Back, Detroit Symphony Orchestra!

We often dedicate Fridays to music from the "Old School", also known as "Grown Folks' Music". Most of the time, we recognize and secretly dance in our cubicles to pre-1990 songs by the Temptations, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gay, Aretha, etc. Here in Detroit, a city KNOWN for some of the greatest "Old School" music ever produced, we are so very glad to have our own Detroit Symphony Orchestra, also known as the #DSO, back to the stage after a lengthy absence. 

First, when the DSO came back to the Max last week, they were greeted to an uber-exuberant standing ovation just for walking on stage!

Next, for your viewing and listening pleasure, the DSO playing the "1812 Overture"--an "Old School" song with lots of excitement and rhythm--and you can dance to it, too; especially the ending!

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