Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day: Post Office to Keep Regular Hours


Back in the "old days"--about 3 years ago--before most people started filing their annual tax returns electronically, the Downtown Detroit and Royal Oak, Michigan post offices stayed open until midnight to accept and stamp the returns for late filers. There was almost a party-like atmosphere, especially in Royal Oak where people dressed up like Uncle Sam. At both post offices, free aspirin was passed out as the postal workers ensured that returns had the correct postmark date.

No longer. E-filing of tax returns is now the way the majority of filers submit their taxes, and neither the Downtown Detroit Post Office nor the Royal Oak Post Office will offer extended hours this tax day. So, if you are still planning to file your taxes by snail mail, make sure that you get to the post office before the regular closing times: 7pm in Royal Oak and 10pm in Detroit.


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