Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The POTUS Spoke; the #Hate Continues


Just now, the natural-born 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., TOLD OFF the "carnival barkers" and those participating in the "birther" sideshow. He produced his "long-form" birth certificate from the State of Hawai'i from August 4, 1961. Hawai'i usually doesn't release the long forms, but hey, if the POTUS asked...

The Prez reminded people and he and the American people have much more important stuff to do and this stupid "no facts" distraction is ridiculous. He was speaking to the press, to the (hopefully) majority of Americans with some sense and to Congress. "O" acknowledged that there would still be those who would not believe him and try to keep this "issue" alive--sure enough, the Twitterverse was exploding with Republicans who called him a whiner and an "affirmative action" baby. Geez. Is this all they got?

Meanwhile, the carnival barker himself, the Donald, continued his racist rant, calling on President Obama to "get off the basketball court and do something about the high gas prices". You know, the Trumpster who gets along so well with "the Blacks"...

This is just a repeat of the insane Republican response in the spring 2008 to $4/gallon gas. Candidate Obama calmly told the country that yes, gas prices were high for many reasons, but they would come down again--they always do. He recommended some "in the meantime" actions that people could take--like ensuring that their tires were properly inflated to save gas. The Republicans mocked him and demanded that Congress repeal the gas tax NOW.

As usual, Mr. Obama was looking and planning long-term, while the Republicans had knee-jerk short-term "solutions".  Republican candidate Senator John McCain did not even realize that: 1) it would take MONTHS for Congress to repeal the tax if at all; and 2) gasoline taxes pay for road repairs--repealing the tax and ending that revenue stream would put 1000s out of work and make our roads worse than they already are.

But no matter--it made a great soundbite. However, as usual, Mr. Obama was the only adult in the room and his policies made sense in the long run--gas prices were back down before the Democrats held their convention in August 2008 to announce Mr. Obama as their candidate for President.

The Republicans continue on with their "no answers/no plans" racist/empty suit agenda while the natural-born President of the United States works HARD for the betterment of America and ALL of its citizens.

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