Friday, July 11, 2008

Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park, Detroit's "Town Square", has become an all-season public gathering place for fun and relaxation for the City's residents, visitors, and downtown workers.

Campus Martius, which officially opened in 2004, was developed through a partnership between the City of Detroit and the Detroit 300 Conservancy. There are festivals, concerts, drive-in-like movies, holiday celebrations; even outdoor ice-skating. Free wireless internet access is available...well, it works well sometimes...

But "Campus Martius"? What kind of name is that? I admit, when I first heard that former Mayor Dennis Archer had chosen that name, I thought: "What? That sounds like something from outer space!"

In actuality, "Campus Martius" is Latin for "military ground and was named for the Campus Martius Stockade in Marietta, Ohio. In the center of Detroit's Campus Martius is "The Point of Origin", located at the intersection of Woodward and Monroe.

It was at this point in 1805, after the Great Detroit Fire, that Judge Augustus B. Woodward (after whom Woodward Avenue is named) and the surveyors he hired developed the Coordinate System from which Detroit's streets radiate.

There is always something going on at Campus Martius! Check out the 24/7 Webcam!

Major Events for Summer 2008 include:
The "Summer in the Park" Series of Concerts
The "4th Fridays with Ford" Concerts
The "Comcast Summer Film Series"

Don't be surprised...there is always something to celebrate in Detroit! We've got the Spirit!

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