Sunday, July 6, 2008

We Made Our Funk the P-Funk!

...and it was so much fun!

We just returned from one of the closing acts of the 2008 Comerica Cityfest--George Clinton's P-Funk Tour!

There were thousands and thousands and thousands of people there from all over the Detroit Metroplex!

All ages, races, cultures met on The Boulevard in the Fisher Building Parking Lot between 2nd and 3rd...perfect weather...perfect FREE Concert!

The Mothership can land at your house...(see sidebar)


  1. My warmest wishes.

    I have been following your husband's blog for over a year now and didn't know you also wrote.

    I am jealous. I have never been to a concert and you tell me P-Funk played for FREE!

    I would gladly be taken away on the Mothership!

    In light and love


  2. Thanks, Danielle! We're going to see Jill Scott at the end of the know I'll post on that!


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