Friday, July 18, 2008

Downtown Detroit Starbucks Stores to Close

The choice was $4.00/gallon for gas, or $4.00/cup for coffee. In Detroit it seems that the gas purchase has won. Three of the four Detroit Starbucks stores will soon be closing, it has been announced by the Starbucks Corporation.

The three Starbucks Stores are all downtown: the Buhl Building, the Millender Center, and on East Jefferson and East Grand Boulevard, across from the MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle. That leaves only the Starbucks Store in Midtown on Woodward and Mack as the only Starbucks in Detroit.

Of course, if the oft-proposed, but never-realized modern mass transit system for Detroit would really come to fruition, commuters and visitors to Downtown Detroit would be able to rely less on gasoline and could spend more time relaxing with their cuppa Starbucks Joe...

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