Thursday, July 31, 2008

Detroit Staycation: The Detroit Zoo

When was the last time you visited our Detroit Zoo
Did you know that the Zoo is celebrating its 80th Anniversary this weekend?

Precursors to the Detroit Zoo included a circus at Michigan and Trumbull in 1883, across from what the site of Tiger Stadium. But it went broke, and the site was converted to a horse auction building. The Detroit Zoological Society began in 1911, working on acquiring land. Twice land was purchased, but was sold to commercial interests at a profit before a new zoo could be built. Finally in 1916, the Society purchases 125 acres of land along Ten Mile Road in Royal Oak just west of Woodward. Development of the land and purchasing of animals was financed by loans from Detroit Zoo Society members. The official opening of the present Detroit Zoo finally occurred on August 1 1928.

From its beginning the Detroit Zoo has been one of only a few zoos in the county with barrier-free animal exhibits. Today, our Detroit Zoo also has free-flight aviaries for the birds, and has maintained the architecturally significant buildings and exceptional grounds.

The mission of the Zoo is to have a healthy and enriching place for the animals, and educational as well as entertaining for the human visitors which number over one million every year. There are lots of activities for all ages at the Zoo going on this weekend for the 80th Anniversary celebration, as well as fun things to do all summer.

It is up to us to help keep the Detroit Zoo the excellent Detroit attraction that it has been for 80 years. This Tuesday, August 5, there is a 0.1-mill proposal on the ballot for Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. This is a 10-year millage request which would cost the average homeowner just $10.00/year. If can read this blog, you can definitely afford $10/year. Please support our Zoo by voting "Yes" on the millage this Tuesday, August 5th; and I'll see you at the Zoo!

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