Friday, April 24, 2009

Free-Thinking Friday Deuxieme Partie: Mr. Song's Leaving Detroit!

Mr. Song's Millinery Shop has been a fixture on Woodward just north of  West Grand Blvd. in Detroit since 1982, but the shop became internationally famous after Detroit's own "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin wore a custom Song-designed hat for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.
It is now being reported that Mr. Song's will soon be moving out of Detroit, to the Southfield Plaza in Southfield, Michigan. Wonderful for our northwest neighbor, but not good news for Detroit. Luke Song, son of the founders and now owner of Mr. Song's, recently stated that he needed more room for the explosive 300-400% growth in his business.
My question is: Why couldn't the Mayor of Detroit, the other candidate for Mayor, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, and/or the City Council of Detroit help Mr. Song's to stay in Detroit?
I would love to read your Comments!
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  1. I personally have a problem that the Songs have made money off Black Detroit churchwomen for 17 years and now **choose** to leave. I'm certain that Luke Song could have found suitable retail space in Detroit had he looked.

    Maybe the Black churchwomen that he's abandoning should refuse to follow him to Southfield.

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