Friday, April 17, 2009

Free-Thinking Friday: How About Clean, Well-lit Streets?

In my beautiful historic 100-year-old Detroit neighborhood called Boston-Edison, the City of Detroit installed exquisite old-style lampposts that match the architecture of the area.

There are about five new lampposts just on my street; I have one right in front of my house. Problem is, only two of the streetlights have working lightbulbs! Most of my street is dark at night. Unfortunately, this has been a problem in Detroit for many, many years.

Are well-lit streets too much to ask for? Can't the City afford lightbulbs?

Also in my neighborhood are heaps of trash just dumped by people who could care less about the neighborhood or the City. What is so hard about putting trash in the Courville Dumpsters? In my humble opinion, it says a lot about people who think nothing is wrong with dumping trash in back of their houses or just anywhere on the streets.

Is it too much to ask that people think more of themselves and the area in which they live to keep it clean and well-taken care of?

What can be improved in your Detroit neighborhood? Is it up to the City or up to the City's residents? Or both?


  1. Not sure what's going on, but when I click on the title of a post, I expect to be taken to the individual page for the post - and instead I went to a newspaper site?

  2. Hi Skye (Still such a pretty name!) The links in the title are intended to point towards more information on the post content. The link you clicked intentionally leads to an article about missing street lights in Detroit. To get to a particular post page, please click on the name of the post in the "Monthly Archive" list in the sidebar. Thanks for reading the blog!

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