Monday, June 7, 2010

Redeux News: 32 Detroit Public Schools to be Closed in 2010-2011


The original list had approximately 50 schools slated for closure; but 18 will spared--for this upcoming year at least.

School closure list

Barsamian Alternative High School, 
Bethune K-8, Bethune ELC, 10825 Fenkell St. (moves to Fitzgerald Elementary, 8145 Puritan St.) 
Boykin Continuing Education Center, 10225 Third Street 
Bunche Elementary, 2601 Ellery St. 
Burt Elementary School, 20710 Pilgrim St. 
Burton International School, 1333 Pine (program moves to Owen Academy, 2001 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) 
Campbell Elementary, 2301 E. Alexandrine St. 
Coffey K-8, 17210 Cambridge Ave. 
Cooley High School, Cooley North Wing special education center, 15055 Hubbell Ave. 
Crary Elementary School, 16164 Asbury Park 
Crosman Alternative High School/McKinney Day Treatment Center, 8820 Woodrow Wilson 
Detroit Transition Center East 
Detroit Transition Center West 
Dixon Elementary,19500 Tireman St. 
Earhart Middle School, 1000 Scotten St. 
Hancock Alternative Middle School 
Hanstein Elementary, 4290 Marseilles Street Harding Elementary/Harding Annex,14450 Burt Road 
Holcomb Elementary,18100 Bentler St. 
Langston Hughes Academy, 19900 McIntyre Jamieson Elementary, 2900 W. Philadelphia St. 
Malcolm X Academy, 3550 John C. Lodge 
McColl Elementary, 20550 Cathedral St. 
McFarlane Elementary, 8900 Cheyenne St. 
McKenny Elementary, 20833 Pembroke Ave. 
Osborn High, 11600 E. Seven Mile Trombly Alternative High, 1095 Hibbard 
West Side Academy Alternative High, 1851 W. Grand Blvd. 
Longfellow support building, 13141 Rosa Parks Blvd.

From The Detroit News:

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