Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Redeux News: DTE Energy Savings Program (PLEASE READ AND PASS ALONG)

Dear Shimekia, 
DTE has a pilot program that is being run out of my office right now. It's called: "My Energy Analyzer: Energy Efficiency Assistance Program".

Y.E.S is a program that stands for Your Energy Savings. If you are low income, a technician will come to your house within 3-5 days and install a kit that includes: energy efficient lightbulbs, a shower head, programmable thermostat, pipe wrapping, sink aerators and more. If you are not low income, you will receive your package via postal mail in 2-4 days and have to self install each product.

This is a pilot so I am trying to inform as many ppl as possible. If you are interested, just email me and I will refer you or someone you know. Tell your church members, social clubs, hairstylists, barbers etc etc etc. I don't get any referral bonus or anything like that; but I did it myself and I KNOW more people need to know about this program and benefit from it. (Tell them that LaKisha Grimmett-Harris, a dte rep, referred you ; this will assure faster service and higher priority in scheduling.)

I think its important to get this information out to everyone who can benefit. If you are renting your home, you will need to get permission from your lanlord to have your pipes taped and showerheads installed.

DTE doesn't give away anything for free EVER, so please take advantage of this opportunity! You can also go to: or call
866.796.0512, 866.796.0512   (press option 1 then option 6). 
Thanks Morenike, for the notice. Readers feel free to leave comments on your experience with this program. 

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