Monday, June 14, 2010

Redeux News: Metro Detroit Leader, Dr. Ameenah Omar dies at age 69

Note: This story was initially scheduled to be posted on June 9, 2010, however after awaiting important details, we are finally able to bring you the sad news.


Former Highland Park City Council President Dr. Ameenah Omar made her transition on June 7, 2010. Dr. Ameenah was the widow of Malcolm X's older brother Abdul Aziz Omar, who died last year. She is much appreciated for her dedication, hard work, leadership and love for the Highland Park Community. 


She served as a HP city council president in 2003 and remained in the position until February 2009. From 1986-1997, she was an administrator at Highland Park Community College. In 2007, Omar sat on the Steering Committee for HP's DPD Central Districts Weed & Seed Project.

Mother Ameenah, as she is affectionately called by residents, had a memorial service on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 10am at New Grace Missionary Baptist Church, located in Highland Park, MI.

Photo courtesy of WDIV, Click on Detroit


She is survived by her two daughters, Lakisha Omar and Neeyah Omar and other relatives. 


Elder Ameenah may be gone but will never be forgotten. For more information please read the Detroit Free Press article here.

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