Friday, August 8, 2008

Golf in the City of Detroit? Betcha Didn't Know...

OK, I admit that I haven't caught the "golf bug" as yet, but maybe sometime soon...but all who love golf have their eyes on the Detroit Metroplex this week as the 90th PGA Championship is played in Bloomfield Hills Township at Oakland Hills.

Although Tiger Woods' recent re-injury of his knee has kept him from the remainder of the 2008 Tour, in metro Detroit, the excitement is still high for this Championship, which is being held here for the fourth time.

But in Michigan, it's always an exciting time to be a golfer. Betcha didn't know that there are more golf courses in Michigan than almost any other state! Here in Detroit, there are six public courses, and diehard golfers have been found on the links every year during the "January thaw"!

Ready to hit the "front nine", the "back nine", or "all eighteen holes"? (Hey, that's what they say on TV!) Try these courses within the Detroit City limits:
Belle Isle Park
Chandler Park Golf Course
Next Shot Golf Center
Palmer Park Golf Course
Rouge Park Golf Course
The New Rogell Golf Course

In Huntington Woods, the Rackham Golf Course was deeded to the City of Detroit way back in the 1920s and still belongs to the City; it's close to the Detroit Zoo, also still owned by the City. Both the golf course and the Zoo are managed by non-profit organizations.

Betcha didn't know that the golf tee was invented by a Black doctor (George Grant, M.D.) in the late 19th Century, or that legendary Black golf champion Calvin Peete was born in Detroit...

Fore! (Why do people say that? I'll know when I finally take golf lessons...)

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