Friday, August 22, 2008

The Michigan State Fair 2008--159 Years of Fun & Education

It's here! The 159th Annual Michigan State Fair, the oldest state fair in the nation, begins today and lasts until Labor Day. Every day of the Fair, there are many exciting events for everyone in the family!
As usual, exciting activities will take place in the Community Arts Building and on the outer Fairgrounds; there will be the real-time livestock exhibitions, and the rides!

Seniors' Day is August 25--FREE Gate Admission for Seniors

Hours and ticket information from the Michigan State Fair 2008 Website:

August 22nd through Labor Day, September 1st Gates Are Open Daily: 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Admission: $10.00 - Adults $ 5.00 - Children (ages 3-12) $ 5.00 - Seniors (age 62 & older)
Admission is free for children age 2 & under
Parking is $ 7.00 per vehicle
"Ride All Day" Wristbands are just $15 on weekdays (except Labor Day) and
$25 on weekends (including Labor Day)

There are special concerts this year featuring Michigan native Alice Cooper (Wednesday, August 27), "High School Musical" star Cordin Bleu (Monday, August 25), and Disney Channel Favorite and former "Cosby Kid" Raven Symone (Tuesday, August 26). Reserved seating is only $20 from Star Tickets Plus.

Make sure to visit and take a picture by the "World's Largest Stove", 
now permanently housed at the Michigan State Fair!

The first Michigan State Fair was held in Detroit in 1849, just twelve years after Michigan officially became a state. At the time, it was customary for the State Fair to be held in a different Michigan city every year. By 1905, Detroit became the permanent location of the Michigan State Fair; and the size of the Fairgrounds grew every year until it reached its present size of 164 acres by 1921. The growth and development of the Michigan State Fair, and its ownership transfer to the Michigan Department of Agriculture was completed under the direction of Joseph L. Hudson of Hudson's Department Store and the Hudson Motor Company. (Oh, we really miss Hudson's Department Store!)

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